Are these troubled times, or not?

Destruction comes fast, and swift.
Building something takes time, and effort.
The Universe wants one over the other. Nothing lasts, everything eventually moves to dust.
Except for one very curious thing. Life.
You have 37 trillion cells in your body. All of them want one thing; for you to survive.
We only got this far by living off fear. It was much more effective to assume the rustling in the bushes was a tiger, then a cuckoo bird.
It can take months to build a home, and it can be destroyed in minutes. We have evolved to pay more attention to danger than we are otherwise. We are wired that way.
Could you lose everything and start over? Does the thought of those unknowns overwhelm you? What if you knew it was really just your evolutionary survival mode assuming there was more danger than there really was?
We blame news and the media for only giving us bad news, as if it’s their responsibility. It’s human nature to look for and want bad news. Newsmakers are human too. They’re giving us what we insatiably desire to have. It turns on the little ‘I want to survive’ circuits in our brains, hearts and lungs. Your entire body is wired to look for and react to danger – and it’s fed incessantly.
It’s hypnotizing, and you don’t know it. The stress it causes, ironically, makes you more susceptible to that which you fear.
If you showed and felt no fear, you could actually walk up to that tiger in the bushes, and tickle him behind the ear.
As much as you have evolved to run from Danger, he has evolved to chase your ass down. He’s not really chasing you, he’s chasing your fear – you just happen to be along for the ride, and taste good.
Move forward into the unknown confidently. Every cell in your body has evolved for one single purpose. It wants, and needs, to survive – regardless of what thoughts are spinning around in your brain. Life will always persevere. Know this: you will always win the day.
You actually don’t have to do anything. Just know that you’ve got 37 trillion cells, and 3.75 billion years of evolution behind you, and it all wants one thing. Your survival.  
Stop living in fear.  If you need help, ask.